Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce is the world's leading and the most sophisticated CRM available in the market. It is highly customizable and helps business of all sizes implement their requirements in a fast and simple way.

We at FingertipPlus have extensive experience in implementation and deployment. We understand our customer's needs and devise strategies accordingly which enables them to achieve quick ROI.

FingertipPlus caters to industries like Manufacturing, Healthcare, Technology and Life Sciences. Our expertise lies in delivering highly customizable solutions to complex business problems by assisting in end-to-end implementation of services right from the consulting, training, on-going maintenance, and support.

We help organizations become cloud ready and enhance their customer experience by leveraging social, mobile and analytical solutions.

Our Approach


We make sure we understand your business, vision, goals, people, processes, pain points and priorities. This ensures 'assumptions' are not part of our proposal to you, leading to more accurate estimates on time and budget.

And also we ensure right resources are places for the right work, as part of the implementation process we spend the quality time in understanding your requirement and helping you determine how our business solutions can improve your business.


We value the elegance of simplicity when designing solutions. It requires more intelligence to design a simple solution than a complex one. Our Consultants follow the Architecture and Design Principles.


Our delivery methodology is Agile-based, using a cross functional team working on a specific set of deliverables. Builds are broken down into a set of sprints (generally of two week's duration) that aim to develop and demonstrate a set of the 'to be' features.

We strongly believe in the use of best practice, derived from a knowledge base built up over 50 years as a combined experience on Implementation.

Our Project Management team will make sure the development process and quality process are performed up to the mark with higher standards, accuracy, and efficiency.


Post implementation hyper care support involves having key members of the project team on standby to provide assistance to your business and act as second level support to resolve any issues immediately.

We help in new/maintaining existing projects, re-engineering existing projects or making significant architectural changes such as UI/UX re-design, cloud/SaaS migration, etc.


We make sure the internal process are more transparent by making it more visible and measurable.

Based on the objectives and success metrics identified in the pre-build phases, we will work with you to track, assess and celebrate benefit realisation and support continuous improvement.

Agile process flow

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