Case Studies

Fingertipplus is the technical force behind building the world's first decision making app

Fingertipplus is the technical force behind building the world's first decision making app
Fingertip Ltd, Finland
Project Management
Helsinki, Finland
Technology :
Appexchange Product (Decision making app)

The Company:

Fingertip's decision making app helps customers to know which bigger decision they are working on, relate to and how they contribute to executing the company strategy through decisions. App enables organizations to make decisions in a transparent, measurable and manageable way. It helps customers break down big goals into decisions that are then executed and evaluated.

The Client's Challenge:

  • Client had challenges with getting the right team for building the innovative and complex product
  • Client had many quality related issues as the app was extensive and had many complex scenarios
  • Client wanted to build an easily configurable app for the end-customer which will accommodate their organizational needs and can be fully customizable
  • Client's customers has many issues with making trial org working from day one after installation
  • Client had challenges in terms of making a simple UX which could be easily understood by their end-customer

Our Solution:

Fingertipplus provided the client with a dedicated product development team for making the world's leading decision-making application. App was initially done in Salesforce classic and completely migrated to Salesforce Lightning platform and stands as the second-best Lightning app till date. The product was totally rebuilt from scratch using Lightening design system and 200+ Lightning Components. The app has been designed in the most user-friendly way, where at a click of the button installation and configurations can be achieved. There are self-help videos for easy navigation which provides insights on how to use the app. The lifecycle of decision making is fully automated which helps client's move through phases with ease.

Business Impact:

  • The app helps organizations to make better decisions in planning, project management, task management, collaboration, and many other digitized organizational processes
  • We can choose our favourite Fingertip components and use them in other parts of Salesforce
  • Application is made fully configurable and highly secure which helps in efficient utilization by the customers
  • Single click intstallation and custom built auto configuration made the end user to use the app right after the installation
  • App was completely responsive and were able to be accessible from any mobile device, Tablet and Browers.
  • Client started attracting new customers and within one year were able to sell more license.

Technology Stack:

  • Apex & Visualforce
  • html5, css3 & jQuery
  • Lightning Design System
  • Lightning Components
  • Kendo UI
  • Chart.Js
  • D3.js
  • Metadata API