Case Studies

Fingertipplus helps a real estate conglomerate enhance and better adopt Salesforce platform

Fingertipplus helps a real estate conglomerate enhance and better adopt Salesforce platform
Real Estate
Bengaluru, India
Technology :
Sales Cloud & Service Cloud

The Company:

Purvankara, is a real estate giant and has been around for more than 40 years. They have been placed among the most preferred brands in commercial and residential segments for their customer-centricity and quality. The company has significant present across the country.

The Client's Challenge:

Existing Salesforce CRM was not being utilized to its potential by the client. While some portions of the module functioned effortlessly, many activities were done manually. The leads for Purvankara came from third party real estate websites like. The sales team could get those leads only a day after they were generated because of the manual processes at work. The leads were then uploaded on an excel for further action. This was a very time consuming and frustrating task. Further the quality of the leads dropped drastically as there were delays in processing.

Our Solution:

Fingertipplus helped Purvankara automate the entire sales cycle so that the teams could access the leads real-time. The client's website was also integrated with Salesforce CRM and all the leads and referrals started flowing through the system. Multiple access to portals were therefore avoided and the sales teams could just log-in to the CRM to access everything. Also, generation payment data and schedules for properties was completely automated and done through Salesforce.

Business Impact:

  • Lead quality improved because of the quick turnaround from the sales teams
  • Efficiency of the employees increased as all the manual processes were eliminated
  • The property payment transactions were smoother and all data was readily available at any point of time
  • Reports and dashboards could give a consolidated view of information which helped in better decision making

Technology Stack:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Apex & Visualforce
  • html5 & css3
  • SOAP/REST API to Integrate with Internal Customer System to integrate Lead and Referrels
  • Salesforce Config (Approval Process, Workflow, User Management & Access, Validation Rules, Sharing Rules, Role Hierarchy etc)