About Fingertipplus

International team where development powers meet entrepreneurship. We have worked together for many years in different functions. All the time we noticed that with Salesforce ecosystem growing, there was a strong need for skilled developers.
With 50+ years of combined experience on Salesforce.com, we deliver a diverse set of expertise to enable your business continued success. Our driving force motivating each and every engagement is to understand your organization and discover the best-fit solution that will yield valuable results for your business. What makes us different and why our clients choose to work with us, is our proactive, consultative approach to technology and our incredible team.

Why Fingertipplus?

  • Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner
  • Certified Salesforce Professionals
  • Having 50+ years of combined experience on Salesforce
  • Specialized Team for Salesforce, QA and UI/UX to ensure quality deliverable
  • We hire talented people with high aptitude
  • Agile development approach to shorten delivery cycles and for faster turn arounds
  • Highly Quality Oriented, we believe, when doing for the first time, do it in the right way
  • We come up with creative and simple solutions to reduce total cost
  • We use tools to make the internal process more visible and measurable to clients


We help our clients to decide by discovering, designing and delivering their digital future with the help of Salesforce


We will be recognized as the leading SFDC product/Service company for transforming businesses and organizations into the digital decision making age, combining research, design, technology, assets, and products into unique and sustainable value for our clients.
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